Argumentative Essay On Plastic Construction

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Plastic Bottle as a Sustainable Material in the Building Construction Y. Sumanth Department of Civil Engineering, 4THyear, Vignan’s Institute of Technology and Aeronautical Engineering, Vignan Hills, Dehmukhi village, Nalgonda,Telangana Email: ABSTRACT One of the main disadvantages in construction of house is the cost of the building. One of the most significant problems of people is the high cost of primary requirements for constructing the house. On the other hand, urbanization growth will increase waste especially non-renewable ones. A suitable approach for this situation is using some part of urban waste as materials for building construction. . Plastic bottle is considered as an urban waste with sustainability…show more content…
However nowadays, the concept has spread to countries all over the world. Various kinds of homes have been built from plastic bottles such as: ecological house constructed using 8000 bottles in Honduras; an Eco-Tec home in Bolivia constructed using the PET and wine bottle; a house of waste plastic bottles built in Serbia by Tomislav Radovanic; Taiwan’s plastic bottle building; ecological bottle house built using 1200 PET plastic bottles for the walls near the lquazu Falls, Misiones, Argentina; and etc. The purpose of this paper is to look into the using of plastic bottles as a municipal waste in the buildings, the key and positive characteristics of this product and the benefits obtained by using it in building. It also intends to compare the characteristics of some construction materials such as brick, ceramic and concrete block with bottle panel. III. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Sustainable Development (SD) is the development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. Some purposes of SD can be as following: • Resource conservation: To conserve the non-renewable resources such as fuel, mineral and etc to ensure sufficient supply for present and future

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