Argumentative Essay On Plastic Surgery

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-He used plastic surgery to avoid detection. (Body dysmorphic disorder is seen as playing a large role in the lives of those who are obsessed with plastic surgery in order to correct a perceived defect in their appearance {Wikipedia}/cosmetic surgery / reconstructive surgery/ hand surgery/ microsurgery) -The police questioned all known offenders. (One with a record of misconduct/ especially one who is on record for breaking a public law/convicted criminals/found guilty at some stage/ with criminal records/ felons/ criminals/ murderers/ offenders/ thieves/ killers/ robbers/ outlaws/ lawbreakers/ delinquents/ crooks/ lawbreakers/ wrongdoers/ reprobates) ~ We have an offender down here arrested for peddling drugs. {I.D} -These reprobates that patronize casinos and bawdy houses. (A morally unprincipled person/one who is predestined to damnation/morally unprincipled; shameless/ Rejected by God and without hope of salvation degenerates {Farlex}/ rascals/ troublemakers/ ne’er-do-wells/ sinners/ wrongdoers/ no-goods/ good-for-nothings) -They were a twisted product of the environment in which they grew up. (To alter or distort the mental, moral, or emotional character of/ {Farlex} warped/ perverse/ sick/ bitter/ cruel/ perverted/ abnormal/ distorted/ screwed/ bent/ abnormal/ rebellious/ wicked/ bad/ mean/ vicious) -Irene was the epitome of the Alpha Female. (The dominant female in a group/A powerful, assertive woman. Her confidence may be due to her good looks andor superior

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