Exemplification Essay: The Psychological Effects Of Plastic Surgery

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-He used plastic surgery to avoid detection. (Body dysmorphic disorder is seen as playing a large role in the lives of those who are obsessed with plastic surgery in order to correct a perceived defect in their appearance {Wikipedia}/cosmetic surgery / reconstructive surgery/ hand surgery/ microsurgery)

-The police questioned all known offenders. (One with a record of misconduct/ especially one who is on record for breaking a public law/convicted criminals/found guilty at some stage/ with criminal records/ felons/ criminals/ murderers/ offenders/ thieves/ killers/ robbers/ outlaws/ lawbreakers/ delinquents/ crooks/ lawbreakers/ wrongdoers/ reprobates)
~ We have an offender down here arrested for peddling drugs. {I.D}

-These reprobates that
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Her very lameness added to a distinction that evinced itself in a dozen ways. Her nose was hooked, her colour high,—despite the years in Steelville,—her peculiar costume heightened the effect of her personality; her fire-lit black eyes bespoke a spirit accustomed to rule, and instead of being an aspirant for social honours, she seemed to confer them. Conversation ceased at her entrance {American Winston Churchill, a Far Country}
~ Why, she 's a female Napoleon. Hilda 's the man of the family." {American Winston Churchill, a Far Country}

-When Lionel joined Denel on that infamous day, it became a wicked intent with deadly proportions. {ID. James Ellroy} (having a reputation of the worst kind: notoriously evil {Merriam Webster}/ notorious/ disreputable/ ill-famed/ ill-reputed/ shameful/ iniquitous/ evil/ nefarious/ ignoble/ heinous)
~ It’s a notoriously insulated community.

- The events of that day will remain explicitly vivid in my memory. (Detailed/ realistic/ lucid/ moving/ arresting/ powerful/ sharp/ stirring/ haunting/ graphic/ distinct/ sharply-etched/ Clear-cut: sharply defined/ easy to perceive or understand {Oxford

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