Argumentative Essay On Plastic Surgery

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South Korea has the most cosmetically enhanced people as plastic surgery is considered as a key to better careers and to a happier life. The ideal face that is considered ‘beautiful’ contains these features: big round eyes, a pointed nose, a pleasant smile, a v-shaped chin, and a slim jaw. Yang Yoon stated, “While plastic surgery may seem like a tool for looking better, it’s actually all about comparing one’s self to others.” Plastic surgery is such an interesting topic to me because of how sophisticated and complex the reasons and facts are behind it. This would be a good source since it discusses cosmetic procedures in the country that performs it the most. Millennials are a group of people who were born in 1984 and after are accused of being entitled and narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy as defined by Simon Sinek. They aren’t happy due to: failed parenting, usage of technology, sense of impatience, and corporate environment. I feel like these characteristics also apply to baby boomers. The reason why I think millennials are unhappy is due to the changes that baby boomers did to the economy, environment, etc. Baby boomers are always finding a way to prove that they are the better generation because they didn’t grow up with the conditions that we have. This would be a good source if I were to compare our generation to later generations. This documentary explores the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. It also talks about other environmental

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