Argumentative Essay On Pluto

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NASA has just released the most detailed view of Pluto to date. The images from the New Horizon spacecraft show a variety of unique landscapes of the likes never before seen. This would usually be cause for celebration, however, it seems the agency might have some explaining to do. According to some skeptics, these images of Pluto were released in 2012 and there is proof. If the agency is caught lying about this, it might open up the door to a wealth of other conspiracies like aliens on Mars or the Hollow Earth Theory. NASA CAUGHT RED HANDED IN PLUTO LIE While NASA is celebrating the release of some beautiful new Pluto imagery, others aren 't quite so fast to join the party. According to some conspiracy theorists out there, the images from the agency are not new at all. In fact, they were taken three years prior before any spacecraft were up there. This brings up a couple of possibilities. For one, NASA could have just produced fake pictures of Pluto 's surface in order to show some kind of progress in the mission. The second theory could suggest that the agency has been to Pluto at least three years before these pictures and perhaps even more than that. Since it appears they 've been caught red-handed, who knows what else they could be lying about.…show more content…
ALIENS ON MARS Aliens living on Mars has always been a topic of discussion amongst scientists and conspiracy theorists alike and NASA has always done their part to deny every possible Mars accusation. Even though alleged pictures of humanoid aliens, potential structures, and other occurrences have all been reported, the agency has always delivered a firm "no" on the matter. Now that it seems they 've been lying to us about Pluto for years, the fantasy of aliens on Mars just got a bit more real. WHEN WILL IT
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