Argumentative Essay On Police Brutality

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As time progresses there would be more police brutality victims then officers themselves, with untrained officers this may lead to death.Police brutality is although prejudice what’s the real reason why officers do this act. The only real reason they do this is if the victim is acting up or having a reason for a police officer to do the brutality.People may see it as brutality, but officers may see it as getting the job done. This is a big issue going on in this world debating whether or not if it 's police brutality or getting the job done. There are lots of ways we can fix this, but first we need to clarify if it 's police brutality.Involving with police brutality is cruel and unnecessary in this world. furthermore here are some reasons to why police brutality is bad. This punishment is straightforward it’s unnecessary and it should be abolished. Anirudh Suresh in this article “A statistical perspective” argues that it’s not only white officers doing the police brutality and it is still going on. She supports her claim saying that it depends where you live, that’s where more officers will be at the so called the “ ghetto.” That’s where there would be more police brutality taking place, then she mentions that it 's not only white officers doing the crime against black people it’s racial bias. Suresh’s purpose is to make the community notice, that this isn’t right in order to accomplish that she wants the racial biases to stop. Even if a black person looks like they are up

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