Argumentative Essay On Police Shootings

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The main topic of this paper has to do with whether police shootings are justified or not and it has to do with all the statistics of their shootings. Another point of this paper is talking about the details of when the officers shoot and what happens then. Surprisingly police officers do not hit their target a majority of the time. As a matter of fact police officers usually only hit an assailant twenty-five percent of the time. My opinion is that police officers more than not, are correct in whether or not they are when they shoot if it is justifiable or not. I feel as if a police officer is in fear of his life then he should be able to draw his weapon and shoot an assailant. My first opinion is that police officers just do not want to go out and shoot someone. In fact in Las Angeles County there were 148 police involved…show more content…
This is totally understandable because they are literally fighting for their lives and sometimes its kill or be killed. Also this is understandable because there is a great deal of stress that goes into a gunfight. You have to worry about seeing all angles because you never would know if there was another assailant hiding around the corner waiting on you. The New York Police Department from 1990 to 2000 in gunfights had a fifteen percent probability to hit their assailant. They also fired an average of 10.3 bullets per gunfight and each officer fired an average of 5.2 shots per gunfight. My third opinion is that officers also have to deal with different settings when they are in a gunfight. They have to deal with whether the gunfight is in broad daylight or during the nighttime. Police officers had a sixty-four percent probability to hit their assailant in the daylight. Police officers had a forty-five percent probability to hit their assailant while it was dark outside. Police officers have a lot of different factors going on while they are in a
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