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Jeri Ward Professor Lyn Froehlich English 1101 30 September 2015 Pesticides and the Death of Pollinators Our world as we know it may not exist in the near future. Right now, pesticides are eradicating pollinators by the thousands. These essential organisms are the major way that plants are able to reproduce. If pollinators are eliminated, the earth will lose a significant amount of vegetation, resulting in a considerable deficit of oxygen and precipitation. Due to pollution, air quality is already poor. The deficiency of all of these factors will inevitably affect humans negatively. In order to protect the pollinators, the environment, and mankind, we must reformulate pesticides or cease the use of them altogether. Dr. Fairbrother, a renowned scientist and former member of the Environmental Protection Agency, noted that commercial bee-keeping companies reported losses of up to ninety percent of their colonies in 2006 (719). Scientists are blaming the losses on Colony Collapse Disorder. This disorder causes worker bees to disappear, never returning to the…show more content…
Woody describes the types of pesticides that are negatively affecting pollinators. Insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides are all listed. On the list, neonicotinoids are a type of insecticide that has been in the spotlight lately (Woody 56). This kind of pesticide has appeared often in collected pollen samples, making it a prime suspect. Neonicotinoids in large amounts will kill pollinators quickly. Michele Simon, a food health lawyer, clarifies that even small amounts can cause immense complications that result in worker bees not returning to their colonies. With damaged nervous systems, the pollinators develop problems that lead to Colony Collapse Disorder. Adding to the problem, most of the crops we consume are showered with neonicotinoids (2). Therefore, we are contributing to the

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