Argumentative Essay On Poo-Dough Toys

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After seeing all of the crazy fails in part one of the 10 toys you should never give your kids, I bet you are ready for part two! We have the remaining top five toys with the worst design flaws, accidental implications, and terrifying side effects just below! Number Five: Poo-Dough. What’s better to give your kids to play with than a little fake poop? Poo-Dough is a Play-Doh product that includes a patty of brown molding dough, a little yellow dough for added effect, and a poop-shaped mold complete with little compartments to make corn pieces. Yeah, it all seems kind of wrong in retrospect, but kids love feces. When it was released, it instantly became a best seller. Number Four: Aquapet. The designers of the Aquapet didn’t quite think through its design. The toy seems alright to an innocent mind: it’s just an iconic kid’s character floating in a tube, no biggie. However when parents saw it,…show more content…
This special baby doll encourages young girls to embrace their motherly nature and… breast feed? The doll, just released a few years ago, comes with two flower-shaped pasties made to be attached to a shirt. When the baby’s mouth comes near the pasties, the doll even makes sucking noises. Needless to say, mothers were outraged this product appeared in stores. Number Two: Kaba Kick. What kid doesn’t want to have a blast playing Russian Roulette, right? Uh, sure. The Kaba Kick presents a never-before-seen take on Russian Roulette- the kiddie version. This plastic toy gun can be loaded, cocked, and releases light hippo kicks instead of a deadly bullet. Number One: Police Electric Baton Shock. Apparently, anything can become a toy for kids these days. With an extensive array of toy weapons available for kids, one company decided it might be a good idea to develop a police Taser for kids to play with. Parents had reservations about the toy, but were angered further upon discovering the toy produces real electric shocks. Nice try, toy

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