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Many people believe that popular culture is something that is unnecessary to their everyday lives. What people do not understand is that it can help them gain understanding of more than they think. Popular culture is known to be the accumulation of any cultural products such as: music, art, literature, television, and radio that consume most of the societal population (Crossman). After World War II, mass media began to play a significant role in cultural and social changes in the world. In fact, the meaning of popular culture began to merge all different types of cultures for a mass consumption (Crossman). Popular Culture has created historic influences throughout the years. Shaping many. positive views and impacts on why it should be studied.…show more content…
Events that celebrate pop culture like Comi-con help create bonds among people of different backgrounds (Ratha). Comi-con is known as a place where people dress up in their favourite characters from comic books, and they all get together and meet new people also recommending new comic books to each other. Popular culture can do more than just create bonds between people, it helps people grow and become more accepting of others. There have been immense amounts of reports talking about students taking a greater interest in chemistry because of the television show Breaking Bad (Ratha). It has even been speculated that the Motorola flip phone was inspired by Star Trek the movie…show more content…
Popular culture is known to be an accumulation of any cultural product that not only consumes society, but shapes society as a whole. Popular culture influences people’s everyday lives threw music, television, radio, and ever art (Crossman). It is predicted that the structure of society shall be altered in the future, such as men and women changing roles at home ( As well as, many believe that the near future will be mainly focused on technology and robot entertainment. At last, popular culture holds much potential for the future. Meaning that it should be studied throughout the academic

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