Essay On Post Secondary Education

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In recent discussions of unemployment, a controversial issue has been whether a college education is worth the oppressive debt that colleges thrust upon their students. From this perspective, obtaining a preeminent education is not valued above the threat of student loans that constantly loom over the possessor. On the other hand, however, others argue that a college education constructs the building blocks for undergraduates to pursue more than just a job or career. In the words of one of this view’s main proponents, “Post secondary education should help students to discover what they love to do, to get better at it, and to develop that ability to continue learning so that they become agents of change- not victims of it,” (Roth). According to this view, secondary education develops a student’s ability to rise above change and are not lost to its enormous list of victims. In sum, then the issue is whether the threat of unemployment after racking up a substantial amount of debt or college prepares undergraduates with more than wages or a career. My own view is that education should not be limited to cost, it transcends beyond literal money and provides for life in more…show more content…
The world needs innovative thinkers who are risk takers. According to Ben Wielder, “... the social pressure for students to pursue ‘lower-risk trajectories’ in their career choices will lead to less innovation in the future” (Wielder). This cannot be true for college provides many risk factors; unemployment, student loans, and debt. Obtaining a degree results in an ability to focus and become flexible in a changing world. From the words of Michael Roth, these qualities “...make for intelligent, and sometimes courageous risk taking for critical assessment of those risks” (Roth). College provides a space for student to become critical thinkers and manage their life with more finesse. These undergraduates are preparing to help society
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