Argumentative Essay On Power Of Language

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been made fun of, or heard someone else being made fun of? I am sure the answer to that question is yes. Or maybe, you’ve insulted someone else without realizing the true meaning behind it? Ultimately, this is because language is more powerful than we think. Words and language can be used as weapons, and it may be hard for people to understand that certain words can be thought of as insulting to someone else but may not seem that way towards you. Language comes naturally, and as time as passed, we have been more inclined to say whatever we want. Unfortunately, recently we have seen more offense being taken to words we say. This is because language can affect people in different ways. In other words, some…show more content…
On the one hand, some argue that language constructs our thoughts. From this perspective, Deborah Tannen, from the language constructs thought community, states that “This is how language works. It invisibly molds our way of thinking about people, actions, and the world around us” (Tannen 14). On the other hand, however, others such as Richard Selzer, might say that language is used to represent our thoughts, but it can fall short. One of his view’s main proponents are, “these extremes of sensation remain beyond the power of language to express” (Selzer 28). According to this view, he is expressing the idea that language, as powerful as it is, might not always be efficient enough to explain a sensation. In sum, then, the issue whether language constructs our thought or vice versa. My own view is that language does indeed construct thought. Though I concede that language shapes our thought, I still maintain a view that language might not always be powerful enough in certain situations. I have had several encounters where language has the potential to really hurt someone, or even me.
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