Argumentative Essay On Power Of Marijuana

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Power Of The Plant How many Americans have been in a situation that they couldn't help or fix, although they have tried everything they could think of? Joe sufferers every single day with the disease Parkinson's. This causes Joe to constantly shake out of his own control. He struggles on a daily to do the simplest things in life like holding a spoon steady. He has been prescribed a variety of different drugs for the past 10 years and none of the medicine worked for this man until his doctor prescribed him with medical marijuana. Joe has never supported the use of marijuana, but he thought he would give it a try. Minutes after use, the use the chronic shaking went away and he was able to speak clearly without stuttering. He was relaxed…show more content…
For example, most of these people would say Marijuana is a gateway drug. Which means some users who choose to ingest marijuana into their body over a long period of time tend to build a tolerance for the drug, which would later lead to the desire to try new drugs to peak their high again. Due to the stereotypical view of what most people think about this drug and how the perception of a lazy, unmotivated “smoker” sticks with most americans is sad. These same people will say Marijuana users will not only become highly addicted to the drug, but they will also more than likely drive impaired on the substance itself. “ ASAM contends that legalization would increase use, thereby increasing the negative effects of use such as addiction, drugged driving, and illicit use by teenagers.” (Marijuana Legalization honest debate). If a user chooses to use the substance on a daily routine, it could become habit forming. After the user is dependent on the drug they tend to set aside the important stuff in life. For example, one may chose to leave or set aside their job or their family members to get their next high, which later could lead to unemployment from the lack of motivation the user is experiencing or loss in family members. Legalizing this drug induced apathy and could lead to high unemployment rates in the states that do choose to legalize

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