Essay On Prejudice Against Muslims

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The post 9/11 world we live in today is dangerous, confusing, and depressing. Everywhere you look there is a television screen bombarding you with more information than your brain can handle. This overload of news concerning worldly affairs has led to mass confusion, fear and anger. The by-product of these feelings is prejudice. In order to truly understand what “Prejudice against Muslims” means, we need to examine and understand the causes behind the negative attitude held by many against Muslims. Prejudice is defined by psychologists as exhibiting a wrongly negative attitude towards a person because of his/her association with a group. In this case, a religion. Prejudice against Muslims has reached an all-time historic high over the past 17 years. Ever since the event of 9/11, in which two planes were crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York and another was crashed into the Pentagon, the world has been confused, afraid, and angry. Confused because we hadn 't seen an attack of this magnitude both happen and get broadcast at the same time. Leading to millions scratching their head and wondering how sick does a human have to be to plan and go through with such an attack. Afraid because ever since the event of 9/11 hundreds of terrorist attacks have occurred and some of the most devastating ones have occurred in the west. Leaving millions around the world wondering when and where the next one is…show more content…
Ignorance is bliss and when it comes to prejudice that famous saying is profound. As a Muslim I try my best to educate any Non-Muslims whenever the topic of Islam comes up. Ignorance is our biggest enemy and the Muslims of the world need to make it their job to educate those around them in an attempt to remove any assumptions people have as a result of watching the
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