Should Prescription Drug Ads Be Banned Essay

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Approved Topic selected from is Prescription Drug Ads
My position on prescription drug ads is pro while I can see others being con with the topic selected I stand by my choice. A lot of the times people take for face value what they see or hear on ads, via television, radio, magazine etc. As consumers/patients we need to do our own research especially when it can be a life and death situation. A lot of the times certain things could be avoided if we only dug a little. These companies that make these ads are looking out for their financial stability and could care less if the patients that these drugs are being prescribed to are killed or left disabled. Pharmaceutical companies don’t see it as personal because they don’t see a face or a
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If this was false then we would have been less than 42%, that is almost half of the spending.
3.DTC prescription drug ads weaken relationships between patients and healthcare providers what is interesting about this view?
One of the interesting things I found about this view is that the study that was done displayed that 50% of doctors taught that prescription drug ads weaken the patient to doctor relationship. I think if a doctor has a open/trusting relationship with a patient and ad should not affect his/her view. This shows that health care providers needs to have a stronger relationship with their patients.
What would I notice if I believed this view?
If I believed this view I would see a lot more over the counter drugs being purchased and less time being spent in doctors offices. I would notice more infomercial drugs being dispense to patients in hospitals and pharmacies. I would also see a small if non existent relationship between doctor/patient.
In what sense might this idea be
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