Argumentative Essay On Pride And Prejudice In Jails

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Teresa Giudice's husband Joe is in prison now and serving his time. Teresa is done with her prison sentence and didn't seem to have too hard of a time with it. Us Magazine shared that Joe Giudice is actually having a bit of a hard time with things right now while he is in jail. A source is now speaking out and saying that Joe is struggling behind bars. So far, he is only three months into his prison sentence. The source went on to reveal more saying that Joe "was moved from general population and is now with the illegal immigrants. He has no one to lean on." There has been some talk from the very start of all of this that Joe Giudice could end up getting deported when he gets out of jail. Right now, Joe is working really close with his immigration lawyer, though. It doesn't look good for him right now, and the source shared saying, "His lawyer says Joe is going to be deported. He…show more content…
They were able to come and see him, though. Joe will spend a few more birthdays behind bars before getting out. People actually recently shared that there is a reason that Teresa Giudice can't visit her husband Joe more often in prison. It turns out that Teresa and their four daughters aren't able to go and see Joe near as much as they would like to see him. Right now Teresa Giudice only gets to see him once every other weekend if the girls aren't busy that weekend. Teresa does have a reason that she can't see him more, though. Teresa's lawyer James Leonard explained the details of why she can't see Joe all the time. "Where he is, you get a certain number of points every month and each visit counts as a point. Weekend visits are considered more points. So because he also has his mother and sister coming to visit, and Teresa can't go during the week because the girls are in school, they're having to do it every other
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