Argumentative Essay On Prison Kids

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The video that made me think the most, was Prison Kids: Juvenile Justice in America. They interviewed many kids, parents and the government officials who worked alongside these programs. This video was the most interesting to me because you do not hear much about kids being arrested. The video goes into something that was discussed in class several times, as well as a controversial topic in society. It is that most of the kids being arrested are those with mental disorders and of racial minorities. In the past few years especially, people believe that there is a growing problem of white supremacy in the justice system. Most of the kids in this video are African American or Hispanics. They are incarcerating kids at an incredible rate. The United States puts more kids in jail than any other country. The parents of these kids are in disbelief that they are being removed from school and their families to be …show more content…

One incidence mentioned in the video talks about an eighth grader who was charged with battery for throwing skittles at a classmate. He then spent six days in jail (Prison Kids). This is a very extreme and unfair punishment because if he had not been a racial minority, I do not think that he would have spent any time in jail. You look at cases like this and its truly mind blowing that anyone would view skittles of all things as a dangerous item. As the video moves on, they use Columbine as an example of childhood violence. Being from Colorado, I remember what an impact this had on my school security. I didn’t notice it much in elementary school, but more so in middle school and especially high school. Getting into my high school was a task, there were many check points and security guards. My school was in a very privileged area so any time they thought there was any sort of threat the cops were there in a second, but rarely anyone was

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