Argumentative Essay On Private School

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Private School: A Choice for Students to Study

“Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves” - Ernest Dimnet. This quote told that school can be a bridge for students education and every people want to get the best school for themselves. One of the school choice for educate students is Private School. According to Webster Dictionary (2015), private school is a school that does not get money from the government and that is run by a group of private individuals and also as a school that is established, conducted, and primarily supported by a non governmental agency. The existence of a private school effect was first identified by James Coleman and his colleagues in a study (Coleman, Hoffer & Kilgore,
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But on the other hand, the issue is happening tells that more of parents are overpressured their children in control their study. But it is not true. In Private school, parents be a positive resources for helping and set student expectations for achievement and it cannot be separated with teacher roles because according to Reyes (1990), teacher commitment be involved in school, closeness with students learning and give responds for parents in order to be a part of desicion maker. Moreover, Parents performance are also can give positively impact for student academic attainment. For instance, student’s parent view education as means of high expectations for their children. And they try to identify schools that will help them to attain their goals for children so that they can feel more comfortable to control their children. Also, by Private school parents can be a controller for students to learn not only at home but also relation with the teacher at school and it can make students more attention and catch fastly their lesson that they got from the teacher in the school. Therefore, by this school, parent can make a contribution in students to reach students achievement level not only by the teacher. Beside this school also is available to prepare students achievement

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