Argumentative Essay On Privatization

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In the context of this argument paper, privatization is the process of transferring the ownership of public services from the public domain/government to the private sector or to a business, as either profit-oriented or a nonprofit organization. There’s been passionate debates in the public domain with regards to whether the government should privatize the service sector, and whose interest the privatization will serve. This annotated bibliography analyzes the resources that are pivotal to developing the argument in the research argument essay. Andersson, Fredrik and Henrik Jordahl. Outsourcing Public Services: Ownership, Competition, Quality, and Contracting. Working Paper. Stockholm, Sweden: Research Institute of Industrial Economics, 2011. Document . . In this article, Anderson and Henrik conducts a survey on the effects of the government outsourcing the public sector services. They focus on the…show more content…
The author asserts that the proponents of privatization focus their arguments on the operating efficiencies and the financial gains of the private sector while they turn their backs on other issues that affect privatization. The opponents on the other side focus mainly on the social implications of privatization and the impact it has on the poor families who cannot afford the privatized services. Privatization has both social and financial implications and needs to be looked at from different perspectives for one to understand the overall benefit of the process. Privatization is an effective way of funding critical needs with regards to infrastructure (The Chicago Council on Global Affairs 15). Weighing the pros and cons of privatization one can make a conclusion depending on their persuasion of the issue. This report helps to persuade one to affirm their side of the argument by providing the points needed to support or oppose privatization. It is, therefore, an important resource to the

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