Argumentative Essay On Pro Life

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The pro-choice/pro-life is a major argument in politics in the United States today. However it is not so simple as pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice has been coined to mean that women should have the right to choose abortion and it should be a legal option. Pro-life has been connected with the banning of abortion and looking at a fetus as a life so abortion is basically murder. However this pro-life view has gotten very convoluted. Often times recently people who believe in pro-life do not care about the child after they are born. Their lives are not cared for past birth. Pro-birth is a new term has been made for people who believe in the banning of abortion but not any of the legal aid to help the children and their families after the child is born. With the introduction of the term “pro-birth” pro-life’s meaning is slowly evolving. It is not only pro-life but “pro-woman, pro-adoption,…show more content…
As a CASA volunteer, my mom works with neglected, abused, or foster care children alongside their legal aid and the court system. CASA volunteers make sure children do not get lost in the foster care or court system and advocates what is best for the child after spending a lot of time with the child and the other adults present in their life. CASA volunteers are often the one stable adult a child can have in their life. My mom would spend hours a week working to help each kid, whether it just be as simple as taking them to lunch or going to court to speak on the child’s behalf. All of the children were in foster or group homes looking for a stable home. 600,000 children in the US go through the foster system each year. Those are children who were neglected, abused, or orphaned. The foster care system still has its flaws and many children do fall through the cracks. The number of children in the foster care system could continue to increase if abortion in made illegal in the
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