Argumentative Essay On Procrastination

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Are you a procrastinator? How many times did you left things to the last minute? Is procrastination bad? It the article entitled “procrastination or contemplation? Why procrastination will rule the business world “the author john rampton tries to figure out the effects of procrastination. Rampton presented both opinions about procrastination and why we procrastinate supporting that it is not bad. Although the author tries to states some convincing facts about procrastination but he stated many false assumptions, week evidence and logical fallacies which weaken his article.
The writer used many convincing and logical sentence in his article. When he stated that from the negative effects of passive procrastination is stress, anxiety and not doing your task in your full ability with disorganization. He was totally right as when the person leave his work to the last time he for sure will work under stress to finish his task on time. As claimed by Emily Anne and Richard Edward that procrastination have a negative impacts on well – being and on performance. He also was correct when he added that if taking a shot at an assignment you think about upsetting but it is considered reward and punishment, low self – confidence and anxiety. In Jordan ford survey 75% of
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It is not a positive thing to work faster as you will never be focused because all you want is to finish on time in stress on that will lead to negative effects not positive even if you finished faster but that performing will be worse and that not seemed any pros for procrastination. As in the article “why wait? The science behind procrastination “the author stated that students who procrastinate earned lower grades than other students and get high amount of stress and illness. So how they are more focused and get lower
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