Argumentative Essay On Professional Wrestling

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Professional wrestling, for better or for worse, has always paid heavy attention to the physiques of those who step into the ring. The fans like extremes, or at least that’s the theory. They want to see absurdly muscly performers battle it out with ridiculously overweight opponents, which has led to some pretty interesting bodies over the years. However, chiselled physiques are quite difficult to maintain and fat bodies are unadvisable to maintain, which means for every awe-inspiring body in pro wrestling, there has been an awe-inspiring body transformation. Because pro wrestlers, especially those who perform for WWE, are constantly in the spotlight, these body transformations are usually impossible to hide and often times are the cause of much unwanted attention and mockery. Superstars like Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens have…show more content…
The Big Show –

There is a reason The Big Show is commonly referred to as “The World’s Largest Athlete”. As well as being freakishly tall, he also weighs in at an extraordinary amount. Of course, while his hight has remained the same since his WWE debut, his weight has been known to fluctuate. Over the past couple of years, the former WWE World Champion has been piling on the pounds and it has, unsurprisingly, been affecting his ring work. He has become slow and prodding and often times seems like he is relying on chops and big boots to get by.

Over the course of 2016, WWE began to phase Show out of its television product, owing to his age. While most superstars would take this as an excuse to kick back and stop working out, The Big Show seems to have done the opposite. Over the summer, he embarked on a mission to get himself back into shape for one last memorable run, and it seems he has done just that. Recently, the giant returned to Monday Night Raw, looking significantly thinner and more agile in his comeback bout against Seth Rollins. If The Big Show can keep his weight down, he may be in line for one last main event
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