Prostitution Should Be Illegal

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Prostitution is the business or practice of taking part in sexual relations in return for installment or some other advantage. It 's known as "the world 's most seasoned calling"

The lawful status of prostitution changes from nation to nation (at times from district to area inside a given nation), from being admissible however unregulated, to an authorized or unenforced wrongdoing or to a managed calling

Prostitution is probably the most dangers type of work for women as prostitutes are frequently abused by their clients, forced to have unsafe sex which spreads STD (sexually transmitted disease and also in continues fear of being caught by the police who spend a lot of money annually to shut down their business which can be used for more
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One woman stated: "I 'd be one of those liars if I said 'Oh I always used a condom. ' If there was extra money coming in, then the condom would be out the window. I was looking for the extra money." In a study by anice G. Raymond, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International (CATW), March 25, 2003
Other factor is the age as the prostitute goes older men’s attraction to her declines so she has to find another way to get back in the market.

While in states where it’s legalized, prostitutes are forced to have mandatory checkups every month for HIV and Syphilis, and other weekly checkups for other kinds of STDs clients have to wear condoms and laws incriminate unsafe sex to decries the percentage of STDs. In 2013 the United Nations published a report about the HIV in Asia and the Pacific that highlighted that the Criminalization of prostitution raised the levels of HIV among sex works which reflected on the sex seekers. A study made in 2012 by the Urban Justice Center found that New York City cops used condoms as evidence against prostitutes to put them behind bars which lead to fewer
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. . one wonders why police departments devote so much of their resources to enforcing prostitution laws," the study says.’ LAURIE BECKLUND (Los Angeles times, 1987)
The study also talks about the amount of time cops spend on this crime instead of focusing on more dangers crimes wasting a lot of money and effort for a victimless crime
Estimates has put the yearly income of prostitution to be in excess of 150 billion dollars every year, which a considerable measure of them is paid as tax to the state legitimizing prostitution. as for other states where it’s not legalized no tax which could spare the nation a ton of cash to be used on more vital projects that could help in the long run end the reasons that lead individuals into such
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