Argumentative Essay On Public College Vs Private College

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Public Vs Private College The debate for higher minimum wage for workers that have not gotten a degree or specific skill is a hot and relatable topic that many people have an opinion on. This topic is a topic that is relatable because most people started in a minimum paying job and can relate to the struggle of getting paid a low amount. At the same time, College is an appealing oasis that can give and individual a skill and a degree to back up that claim. But, it isn't as simple as that. The potential student will have to pick between public or private college. They would have to take in consideration tuition price, class size , and major . This can seem as a easy task but instead finding the right college can be a difficult task.
The first thing the student should be looking into is financial aid. How much will the government pay off? Or how much scholarships can you get to reduce the price of your tuition as much as possible. The less you pay the better. The student also had to take into consideration is interest rate if your financial aid doesn't pay everything off you will have to get a loan
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Most movies like to depict college as an auditorium full of student and one teacher. This usually is the case with public college and some private college but with most private college classes there is some s that can have as little as 20 students. The pro of having a small class is that is it a more personalized experience and more time one on one with the teacher . Many school don't have this type of classes. The most common is the bigger classroom, the student will usually be on their own and the teacher will not spend that much time with them because of the tremendous amount of other students that they have. Many people would like smaller classes because it would work in favor of them but it is up the person looking to be a potential student to choose what type of class they

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