Argumentative Essay On Race And Eugenics

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America in the early 20th century is a bizarre past to explore. While geographically similar to the modern day, the economy reached unprecedented heights, wars were taking to directly expand American territory, modern amenities like electric washing machines were being invented, and eugenics was rapidly expanding as a legitimate field of science. Perhaps most surprisingly, a variety of social programs of the 1930s-40’s of America and Germany mirrored each other or were otherwise directly inspired, with German scholars going as far as thanking Americans for providing the framework for further expansion of eugenics policy. However, in spite of inspired eugenics programs and forced imprisonment based on race, the American response to the holocaust was one of disgust and horror, which inadvertently served to expand progressive ideals on race, gender, and equality.
Eugenics is often referred to as the study of how positive and negative traits in humanity can be genetically transferred, retained, and passed down. While there is no discrete creation of this study, Francis Galton is often credited with creating the framework for others to have further expanded upon. In his work, Hereditary Genius, he mentions “illustrious commanders of the highest order” having “remarkable kinships” (Galton, 86). The ideas that
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Considering solely that amount of context, it almost seems surprising that the United States had no official euthanasia programs, particularly considering the variety of political thought that having 50 independent states allows the nation to exercise. It would seem that the large-scale exploitation of people for labor based on race had, more or less, been abolished with the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. Yet, overarching similarities between the actions of the United States and Nazi Germany were not limited to

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