Argumentative Essay On Race Is Real

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Race exists as long as we believe it exists, but really, it's just a classification system developed by people. It has no meaning or value apart from what we determine it to have. According to researchers there is no genetics for division of human ethnicity, in the sense that different groups inherit distinctive physical traits for example hair, eye, and skin color, race is a reality. Race can be used in prejudice discriminative way to create a barrier, built within people’s minds in society. Which leads one race being superior to another and of there being pure races, race is a myth. According to W. I. Thomas’ idea of “The Definition of the Situation” what people believe to be real, is real in its consequences. If people believe in society because they have a different skin color and should be treated differently because of their physical characteristics/stereotype of their “race” is real for those people and for others who refuse to accept that it’s not real.
In the “A Class Divided “video a third grade class was segregated into to a belief of two races; a race of blue eyed third graders and a race of brown eyed third graders. When the blue eyed third graders were told from their teacher; an alterative figure that they were superior than their brown eyed classmates and the
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This has been believed since the beginning of history and was so obvious that it was never questioned. Science finally disproved the myth but nothing much has really changed. The reality is that thousands of years passed in which the myth was firmly believed as a fact. The world is structured by people who firmly believed the myth is true and until people can disown this belief/myth then racism can finally find it’s resting place. Today's society is still, if not dominated, at least based on that same system which was built by the
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