Argumentative Essay On Racism And Industrialization

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Race and Racism Integrative Essay

Race, commonly tied with ethnicity, is a term that Europeans utilized from the 18th to 20th century to separate “differing” civilizations, especially during the times of Industrialization. While the idea of race and racism gradually changed overtime, the two terms were used resulted in prejudice and discrimination for political projects, which is seen through the idea of nationalism, leading to colonialism. Europeans utilized the biology and religion to justify the injustices towards non-traditional European individuals; however, it essentially unified cultures with a common goal of destroying the two terms altogether.
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While there is no distinct time of when
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Darwin’s theory says that humans descend from one common ancestor, and physiologically change due to the clime and environmental changes, challenging the idea that human differences are permanent.2 (An instant where someone supported Darwin before 1950) The idea is supported in 1950 when UNESCO published “The Statement on Race,” which had a goal to “synthesize a clear statement about the science of “race,” rejecting the previous notion that race was based upon biological differences. UNESCO affirmed that not only was Cuvier’s idea of scientific racism unjustifiable, but that the human race is monogenetic, meaning that mankind has one common ancestor. 4 Scientists came together and shut down the notion that biology justifying racism, but that race has nothing to do with biology and everything to do with society and social myths created overtime.
Video, The Colour of Money (insert citation), discusses Christianity, and how religion accepted slavery, essentially becoming a

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