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In Redshirt your character has the dubious honor of being transferred to the Megalodon-9 space station near the resort planet Venlith. Starting out as a transporter accident cleanup technician which is basically a glorified space janitor, you have to work, smooch, cheat, manipulate or bribe your way into a position of importance. Fail to do so and you along with the 2000 other new recruits will discover firsthand why senior personal appear to be fleeing the station like rats from a sinking ship.

Although I am more of a Star Wars than Star Trek fan I know what a redshirt is and I am sure most science fiction fans do as well. Redshirts are basically cannon fodder with very short life expectancies and this game is no exception. While you have 160 days to find a way to distance yourself from the station you more immediate concerns are just surviving. Illness and depression is very common aboard the station and with the ever present danger of being selected for a random away mission which is usually a death sentence for redshirts there is a lot to worry about.

The game opens with you having to create a mandatory Spacebook profile for your character. You can select your race and appearance before
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Unless you want to scrape dead co-workers off the teleporter room floor as a permanent profession you need to work on building up your skills. Oh and in case that last sentence has you concerned, Redshirt contains no graphical violence of any kind despite how distasteful some of the jobs may sound. Applying for a hazardous alien waste management supervisor for example requires some medical knowledge, people management, tedious paperwork and humorously enough a reassuring voice. These are all skills that can be picked up by going to certain events but apart from the time wasted doing so they can also detract from other statistics such as your money, health and

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