Argumentative Essay On Religion Vs Religion

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Akeria Lamons
Hist 201
Dr. Buckner
Argumentative Essay

Throughout the history of the Church there has been a history of tensions between people who place their spiritual needs over secular needs and those others who put their secular needs over spiritual needs. When these tensions become serious and erupt from time to time each one of these eruption causes a turning point to occur. There is a thin line that separates and balances the spiritual and secular views, once the line is crossed and tensions begin to flare this causes issues and these issues eventually erupt. In my paper, I will spend time arguing that neither secular nor spiritual is more important than each other, and that the debate whether secular or spiritual is more important
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Turning points were created for the sake of the religion and all were done to either make a change or to either prove a point to the people. There would be much less conflict and chaos if people were open minded and willing to hear the different points of views from both sides of the religion instead of being offensive and judgemental. The divide originated from misconception and false statements, there was misconception of the world that took place and ultimately caused serious damage to the church. For Example, There should be some sort of equality between the secular and spiritual so that they have equal rights to their needs and no one need is greater than the other. In Nicene Creed they speak about how God and how he is responsible for being the“light of light, very God of God, begotten, not made, being one substance with the father; by whom all things were man (both in heaven and on earth)” (Null). This statement shows us how they view God as being the only one who has power and that he is the most important because of what he is capable of. In fact they feel that there is nothing else that should
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