Argumentative Essay On Removing The Penny

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When you go to the store and buy a soda and the cashier says that is one dollar and six cents and you don’t have enough money only because of that one cent. America is making thousands of pennies every year yet nobody uses them. Pennies should be removed because they are a waste of materials, money and space. First, the penny is pulling the government deeper into debt because they cost to much to make. The penny is expensive to make. Every year America makes pennies about 60.2 million dollars is spent on pennies.(Source 1) Each coin costs about 1.8 cents to make. Pennies cost this much because they are made of copper and zinc.(Source 1)The cost to make pennies has been increasing by about eight million a year. This is because the U.S. Therefore the penny is not cost effective and is not needed. Also, the penny is too heavy and takes up space. The government has been trying to ship pennies to military bases in foreign countries.(Source 2) They have been doing this because they need to use currency to buy food or merchandise. Pennies are said to take up too much space in people’s homes like dressers and cabinets.(Source 2) This was said during a speech during a discussion to remove pennies or to keep them. Pennies are too heavy to be transported to other states and is to expensive. Instead states have to build…show more content…
Historians state that the penny is part of American history, but most people aren’t interested in the history of a coin. Another claim is that by removing the penny, prices, for everything would severely increases, though it would be increased or decreased to the nearest fifth(Source 4). People have said that if you ask for something higher than a penny they would refuse but if you asked for only pennies they would give them away.(Source3) people say this because they know how worthless the penny is. Therefore arguments to keep the penny are easily countered with many reasons to remove the
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