Argumentative Essay On Republican Mothers

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A Republican Mother is an educated mother who had a great impact on all of the upcoming generations. Without this idea of a Republican mother, women would not have the rights they do today. If women did not speak up this idea never would have came around to drastically change life forever for them. The republican mother sets the example on how women are supposed to act, while setting the base for women to grow on. Back in time, women were not treated the same way as they are today. Education was not a basic right for women. In fact they usually had no education whatsoever. Women had the job of running the household. They were to stay home, do housework, cook for their husbands, and raise their children. Although they held the responsibility to raise their…show more content…
Women had new expectations from the society. They were the primary caretakers of the children, which was also known as the upcoming generation. If a society wanted to succeed, the women must be educated in behavior showing right from wrong so that they can teach their children ("Republican Motherhood"). Women also became educated in the newly established principles of what American society should be ("History of Republican Motherhood"). This was all then passed down to the future generations and so that the importance of America being free would spread ("History of Republican Motherhood"). Women went from having a very small role in society to having a very large and important role. After the Revolutionary War, many changes in women’s education began taking place based on the expectations for the new citizens. The War taught the people that it was very useful to be prepared for anything. They saw the education of women was one way to prepare its citizens for success. The right of women’s education wasn’t meant for their own benefit but to place them in a position to form future generations into good citizens and
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