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The zombie world is set to go on vacation as “iZombie” is ready to make its season 2 finale debut. Is Rob Thomas coming in to eat (fake) brains? The popular hit television show of a pale-skinned girl eating brains and solving crimes is soon ending as “iZombie” nears its season 2 finale. Spoiler alert! It looks like Matchbox 20’s frontman, Rob Thomas, is going to make a cameo appearance! Is he going to be a zombie? Or is he going to perform his musical craft? MovieNewsGuide has it that the singer will be performing one of his songs in the hit television show. He is set to appear in Episode 17 where he will be hired by Max Rager’s boss-man, Vaughn Du Clark (played by Steven Weber). If you haven’t guessed it yet, Rob Thomas will be promoting the Max Ranger “Super Max” through a commercial jingle, according to TVInsider. But there’s a catch, viewers will only get to hear Rob Thomas sing a song from his solo album and won’t actually make an appearance until the “iZombie” season finale during the “Super Max” launch party. Talk about teasing.…show more content…
Only correction is that the song will be a solo song,” the “Unwell” singer tweeted. If that’s not exciting enough, fans just might be treated to an “undead” appearance of the singer as well. “iZombie” Episode 17 is about 4 weeks away (Apr. 5, 2016) and fans will need to eat more brains to contain their hunger for more season 2 episodes until April 12 for the season finale. Will they finally kill off Vaughn Du Clark? What’s Blane going to do now that he’s a zombie
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