Argumentative Essay On Robotic Surgery

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Years ago, people made jokes about robots taking over jobs and the world in general. No one really thought it was going to come this soon, but here we are in the twenty-first century, watching robots perform surgeries. Even though this technological invention is new to the STEM field, it has already been used on several people with different parts of the human body. Some may look at these events with concern, worried they might not be successful. Others may see this new invention as a threat to their careers. These fears concern everyone in the operating room, not just the surgeons. Despite these concerns, robotic surgery proves to be a benefit to everyone involved in the field of surgical care. For those who do not understand or know much about how this procedure works, it is…show more content…
The money is going to be an issue during a surgery regardless. If a patient is guaranteed a safer, faster surgery by using the robot, then they will not mind paying the extra couple grand. On these terms, a patient will have to pay a little more, but the benefits are guaranteed to be worth it. Essentially, robotic surgery will have a better outcome with the patient’s health and post surgical…show more content…
The small things such as less blood loss during a surgery, less scarring, and having a more precise surgery, ends up bringing a wider benefit to the patient. Robotic surgery should start being practiced more by surgeons. The more surgeons that are taught to operate with this machine, the more it will spread in hospitals. Right now, it is used mostly in operating rooms, however in the future it can be used in other medical scenarios with different professions in the field of
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