Argumentative Essay On Rollershoes

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Roller skating has become more and more popular around the world in the recent years, and the field of its popularity has reached the children's. So there are many children go roller skating, not only seeking for pleasure but practicing their bodys. However, there's a buzz discussion topic that whether the rollershoes, as the equipment of roller skating, is innocent toy or serious threat for children. To this issue, different people come up with various attitudes. As for me, I strongly espouse that rollershoes is innocent toy rather than serious threat. Those who agree with that the rollershoes is serious threat argue that children are too young to use rollershoes to go roller skating, and it will be a serious threat for their body safety. Children are at very young ages, and the…show more content…
Roller skating is a good way for them to explore their basic natural interest behind their hearts, and the rollershoes play a role that they can take it for entertaining. That is to say, rollershoes, as a innocent toy for children, can bring entertainment and fulfill their leisure time, which can work together to make them a interesting childhood. Thirdly, roller skating can be beneficial to the mental and physical development of children with the use of rollershoes. For their joints, the impact of roller skating is lower than that of running, which is good for the protection of children's joints. For their hearts, it can promote the improvement and metabolism of cardio cerebrovas cular system and respiratory system function. And for their physique, it shapes the whole body of children. Besides, roller skating is a way for practice balance, coordination and flexibility for the psychological adjustment to relieve. All in all, rollershoes is innocent toy for children while they are roller skating, and it benefits a lot to the development of children no matter in psychological or

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