How To Write A Persuasive Essay About School Uniforms

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School Uniforms; A Nightmare in Our School System Just envision moseying into school one frosty and crisp autumn morning. The sun is luminescing with its array of sunshine, you are passing your classes, and everything is going well. Suddenly, you get to notice around you that everyone looks the same and all look indistinguishable as it astounds you a little. Within more inspection, you grasp the concept that every guy is wearing polos and khakis and every girl is wearing the same as well! Then you detect what the magnitude of the situation is…school uniforms. Who would want to see everyone look the same? Uniforms look hideous, plain, and just an overall abominable enforcement in schools. Most students hate wearing them, and from experience, I was one of those students back in high school. School uniforms are overall a horrible enforcement because uniforms restraint one’s individuality, cost a good amount of money, and are despised by most of the student body. The first reason why school uniforms is beyond a terrible idea is because of the restraint it puts on a student to express themselves, moreover creating an environment of students that would…show more content…
Uniforms fail to let student freely express themselves and it puts a restriction on showing their individuality. The cost of uniforms can get outrageous, and if a family has five or more kids that have a uniform enforced school, then they better not be planning on going on a vacation soon. I have never met a student who was all in for wearing uniforms. Students want to wear what they feel comfortable in and enjoy wearing. My entire senior year, I despised wearing the same polos every day. I do not know how I got through it, but I am glad I did. I hope you take in consideration of all the points I made on why uniforms should not be implemented. They are truly a nightmare for all students. Come to this side, and see students suffer no
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