Argumentative Essay On Science And Freewill

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In the world of philosophy, science and freewill is always up for debate. If a person believes in something, is it because of the evidence or because he or she truly feels like it is the right answer. Some will say that a belief in science is not the same as a belief in freewill. It is also debated whether the universe is or is not created in a cycle of cause and effect, which also lead to if science is real or accidental. A belief in science is a form of belief in freewill because an individual has the option to believe in science. Then again a belief in science is not the same as a belief in freewill. Having a belief in science, an individual will let the scientific evidence that dictates what they believe in. If the person decides not to believe in the scientific evidence then it would be the same as freewill, but what the evidence…show more content…
Then again a person can assume an effect of a cause, but cannot possibly know the effect will be. Science does have cause and effect within it, for example, mixed two helium with one oxygen and water is created. Human choices are not quite the same as mixing two chemicals together to produce an object. In a system of cause and effect, a person makes a choice which will lead to another choice, whereas with science a choice lead to an effect, which does not always lead to another choice. Overall, a belief in science is not the same as a belief in freewill. With a belief in science, the choice is dictated by evidence. With a belief in freewill, the choice is made based on how a person feels. A human free agency can exist in a universe that is ruled by cause and effect based on changing the results of people’s choices. A person can make a bad and have worse outcomes, yet be able to better those outcomes. There is still a small amount of freedom within the cycle of cause and effect, and that is when an individual is able to change their choices or
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