Argumentative Essay On Science And Religion

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In the early 1800s numerous new religious groups were beginning to form in America. Different religions were spreading their own distinct theories and views while trying to gain supporters. While everyone has their own opinion on religion, Wilfred Cantwell Smith said that, “I’m not saying that religion is a good thing. I’m saying that it’s a great thing. It can make you better or it can make you much worse. But it means that you take the question of how to live seriously.” This quote can mean a lot of different things for different people, but I personally see it as no matter what religion you are or how you interpret it, religion has an impact on everyone. Joseph Smith founded a new religion developed on his two visions he had when he was…show more content…
They place all their faith into this idea. Christians don’t need science to answer any of their questions related to the creation of the universe and mankind. They have full faith that God was single creator. Everyone needs to understand that in the world we live in, the concept for both science and religion are essential. Both science and religion are looking for answers. Religion involves searching for personal interested beliefs. Those who believe in religions are trying to find a deeper understanding of hope and faith. Those who believe in science trust the facts made from observations and experiments. One misunderstanding that people also think is that religion is always something good. However, whenever anything good goes wrong they turn to question the belief of religion. We first must realize that God is not the reason for our own suffering. Sadly, in the world we live in people have bad intentions and poor morals. People choose to do the wrong thing and it affect the people around them. Another way to see it as thinking about this how good joy would be if there was no pain? A lot of people fail to recognize both sides of the
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