Argumentative Essay On Science And Technology

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Technological advancements throughout today 's society have started a revolution. In an average day, a human makes decisions over a million times a day, from choosing where to go to which shirt to wear. Having choices in life gives a person control over themselves and behaviors. Using science and technology in a person 's everyday life affects their choices and decisions. Everyday technology is a factor that is considered when making a decision, whether it is from news articles or perceiving technology as another living being. Two articles, "The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan," and "Selections from Alone Together" highlight the problem. In the article, "The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan," by: Ethan Watters, shows the effects social media has on the people of Japan. Watters describes how culture is changing and could be making people change their judgement on their own culture. In the article, "Selections from Alone Together," by: Sherry Turkle, the technological movement is beginning to take over the present-day millennials. People are treating machines as humans, which complicate their decision making. Even though, the power that science and technology bring into our everyday lives improve some conveniences in life, the reality is that it controls the way people live their lives daily. Society has set new standards for people who use technology every day because computers have manipulated the way we portray information. According to Watters, "In hopes of
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