Assistive Technology Essay

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If people could only travel back in time, the transition between the use of yesterday’s handmade tools to today’s revolutionary devices would be noticed. Through a number of technological innovations, civilizations have transformed throughout recorded history. The end of 20th century marks the electronic revolution that is evidently present in our daily lives. A lot of people perceive science and technology as two interchangeable subjects. The real definition of it, however, in its relation to science is put “science applied”. As years pass by, technology has been successful in trying to lead new science in some cases.
Two types of technology aid students in ensuring their active participation in class discussions or in the general classroom environment. First type is called “assistive technology”. It is defined as any item or piece of an equipment that is utilized to enhance functional capabilities. “Adaptive technology”, on the other hand, is focused on helping users through adapting content and
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In making our personal and working lives easier, many have started claiming these tools out. Scheduling systems and handheld devices have already been made but we still fail to stay organized and focused. The most probable reason behind this struggle is that inquire more and more information as we ‘busy’ traversing the interlinked paths of our technology.
A computer is a machine which computes, especially an electronic machine that solves complex mathematical problems in a very short time when given certain information (The World Book Dictionary, 2005).
People came in contact with computers more times than we realize; clerks, doctors, cashiers. Computerized jobs like these go on behind the scenes for nearly everything we do. In fact, most of our daily activities would be brought to a complete halt if all computers were suddenly to shut

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