Argumentative Essay On Science Vs Religion

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Nicalea Greenlee
Astronomy, 7
December 15, 2017
Science vs. Religion
Science and religion has always been an argument for years. I think science and religion are both very important to the way of life and how we see the entire universe. But I believe religion is more believable than science. For science can be proven wrong at any given time and religion can never be stated untrue. Such as the story of creation, evolution, practices and beliefs can contradict these theories. For instance the story of creation was passed down by people who actually witnessed it and believed that it is true.It was an actual occurrence. While for science it has been passed down also from scientist to scientist who believe what they are saying is true without actually knowing or having the proof.Science is the process of trying to understand the laws of creation not proving that is why science is the reason for anything. Religion is an all known source that everybody understand in their own way. That 's why there are different religion. Only a select few of people can understand science and laws of it. Religion is more logical than science in a way. While you can argue that people say creation was mistranslated in the bible. But you can say there is some misleads in science at all. Because there is no logical proof
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But based on your religion and beliefs may reflect on whether you may think science and religion contradict or believe in one more than the other. Your religion is may very from where you come from in the world and how your religion perceives on life. Maybe cause of the way you grew up as a child may contradict of you believing in religion and science more. Plus religion is way older than science if you really think about it. It has been past down from generation to generation. Science cannot relate in anyway possible because it 's something that you have to learn thoroughly not something that just comes to
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