Argumentative Essay On Screen Time

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As a person who has grown up watching tv, playing video games, and also enjoying the outdoors i can understand both sides of this arguement. However, i agree more with the second passage in the sense that screen time isnt the main cause of the issues these people have. Now-a-days everyone is linked into some type of technology whether it be a smartphone, laptop, or videogame. In addition, as a person who excels better with a visual or physical example rather than reading text from a book, I see technology as a way to better learn new things. Screen time isn't the issue, I feel it's more how you choose to use it. There are many energetic, healthy human beings that use alot of screen time, and also a lot of unhealthy, obese human beings…show more content…
I'm not saying let them do nothing but play videogames all day, but research and find ways to maybe one day make a living in some sort of technology field with the way technology is taking the world by storm. Not every kid will excel in sports or physical activities but the brain in a very powerful thing and technology is an amazing way to fuel your brain if used correctly. Also, it doesnt take much to be good with technology, in my opinion its easier, especially as a child because their brains are like sponges and can absorb so much. People say now-a-days children are growing up so fast like its a bad thing. In some cases it may be but it can also be great due to the fact that there are children that excel far beyond adults in certain fields due to technology and being able to access so much imformation about almost anything with a few clicks of a button. With that being said i agree with the second passage because once again it isn't the amount of screen time thats the issue, but how you choose to utilize
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