Argumentative Essay On Seatbelts

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In the blink of an eye, I have witnessed people making poor decisions that have led to the end of their lives. As an Emergency Medical Technician, I have experienced countless wrecks, but this wreck was different. In today’s time, it is easy for someone that is drunk to get behind the steering wheel, and drive a car. I have seen how mangled up someone can become from a car accident. It doesn’t take much force to break a bone, but a simple cut could lead to significant blood loss. Something as simple as buckling a seatbelt could have saved the person’s life. It takes just a couple seconds to buckle up, but some people view seatbelts as hindrances. Although, some people may say cars are safer than ever before, people are still dying in motor…show more content…
Dispatch announces over the radio, “Medic 12, Medic 41, Medic 1, Station 24, Squad 24, Station 70; respond to a motor vehicle accident with entrapment at so-and-so intersection. Delta response-WR61-WJT275.” As soon as we hear the end of the radio traffic, the Paramedics and I race out to the ambulance, and the senior Paramedic announces, “Medic 12 will be en-route, Stanly.” As we are running emergency traffic close to the county line, the rain started to pick up. Tap. Tap. Tap. When we arrive on scene, we see two demolished cars that appeared to have been involved in a head-on collision. Debris from both cars were scattered all over the roadway, and we end up finding the car resting down an embankment at a 35-degree angle. As the Paramedics I was riding with went to tend to the patient in the car, I suddenly discovered that the female patient suffered fatal injuries. After our findings, I was requested to help the lone Paramedic that was attending to a critically injured patient that happened to be the source of the wreck. When I ran toward the next victim, I could see a young male patient lying face up on the ground with grass and dirt all over his blood soaked body. As the Paramedic was starting IV’s, stabilizing broken bones, and pushing medications, I attended to the patient’s abrasions and lacerations. Come to find out, the driver we were attending to was ejected from his vehicle,

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