Argumentative Essay On Seaworld

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Do you remember that day that you and your family took a trip to that one park? That one that you got to see many different types of sea animals, dolphins putting on shows, and getting to even interact with the sea animals in a great learning experience. That park is SeaWorld. When you were there, you might have not noticed the stuff that was happening behind the scenes. Lately, the animals have been very sad and not living healthy lives. As well as, SeaWorld’s money is dropping at a very fast rate. Seaworld should be closed to end the companies dropping of money completely, to let the animals’ live free lives, and to save the Orcas. First, Seaworld has experienced a big drop in money. In the past year, they have dropped one million visitors (Cornin). One person’s admission in the park is 30…show more content…
To start off, they live in a small, enclosed tank similar to what they perform in (thetoptens). Compared to their animal nature of the open ocean a small, metal like smooth box is in no comparison. In a park, the animals tend not to live as long. Like an Orca whale who can live up to 60 -70 years long; where if they lives in SeaWorld it is a median of about nine (thetoptens). In this research of real life members you are able to see the dramatic drop in number of lived years for an animal in SeaWorld. On top of all of this, they are not being bred naturally. In SeaWorld, Orcas naturally breed at the age of 15, but in SeaWorld they are bred at the age of 8 or 9 (thetoptens). This shows that the company only wants more animals for more shows and more money, even though it is not right. You might be saying, “well they have rehabilitation center inside the parks to help the animals when needed.” This is true, but no matter how much medicine you give them cannot cure their animal nature of wanting to be free in the ocean and stop their sadness of being enclosed. This is why the animals of SeaWorld are suffering by being inside
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