Argumentative Essay On Self Driving

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Intro: Imagine waking up and getting ready for your day in a car that picked you up with no driver. I support self driving cars because i feel it will improve the future of driving. Self driving cars will save cost on insurance and healthcare facilities. Also self driving cars will help disabled and elderly individuals and will take the danger of driving out of the equation.

Supporting Evidence #1: The U.S. Department of Transportation, Forbes Magazine and AUVSI Organization all said ‘that there will be significant cost saving for insurance and healthcare costs associated with accident recovery alone’. In fact self driving cars can save $1,000 per year in insurance according to Forbes magazine. The reason is that self driving cars save
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According to a statement provided to The Times, Google said that the potential of a self-driver to help those with disabilities could be realized only if the human operator were taken out of the equation. The company maintains that denying the driver an active role in vehicle control will also eliminate human error and improve driving safety. This is a huge benefit to disabled people who have never been able to drive a car on their own. In addition, the aging population would benefit from self driving cars because they would be able to be in a car without having to drive it. According to AARP, there are more than 45 million people in the U.S. age 65 or older, a figure that stands to grow by another 27 million by 2030. With such a large group of people that may not be able to drive on their own, self driving cars would give a safer option to older people being more independent.

Supporting Evidence #3 Self driving cars technology will also lower the danger risk in driving. According to the Business insider, self driving cars will have senses so close to human qualities that they will be able to adapt to the environment around them in a way that makes them safer than regular cars. This technology will have a huge impact on keeping roadways safe in the future. This will greatly benefit the safety of car transportation. In fact 81% of
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