Argumentative Essay On Self Induced Abortion

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A self-induced abortion is an intentional termination of a woman's pregnancy done by herself. Self-induced abortions are happening all around the world for many different reasons. One reason why someone would induce their own abortion is because they don’t have the funds to pay for one themselves. Another reason why someone would induce their own abortion is because that person is in their teens and they are scared of what would happen if their parents were to find out. I think that trying to induce your own abortion is not healthy and shouldn’t be done without the help of a doctor or a physician. There are many reasons as to why I think that self induced abortions are unhealthy. One reason why I think that self induced abortions are harmful is because you can die from terminating your own pregnancy. A 1997 government funded record linkage study in Finland found that women who abort are approximately four times more likely to die in the following year compared to women who carry their pregnancies to term (Elliot Institute). Jennifer McKenna Morbelli is an example of this. She passed away four days after terminating her pregnancy. She induced a late-term…show more content…
They use methods like sticking a coat hanger into their urethra, bathing in scalding hot water, throwing themselves down flights of stairs, and putting leeches up their urethra. The most popular method that women use to induce their own abortion is using medications. They use misoprostol commonly known as cytotec. It’s a small, white, hexagonal pill used to end a woman's pregnancy but, it makes it seem like it was a miscarriage. If you are ever thinking about getting an abortion you should go to a local clinic where there are doctors that know what they’re doing and have sterile instruments. Doctors can also prescribe you medication so that you don’t feel as depressed as women who terminate their own pregnancies. Many teenage girls opt to use this cost
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