Argumentative Essay On Setback

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S – SETBACK Setback – Facing a circumstance that may affect you in a negative way. “A slingshot has to be pulled back in order for it to propel forward” – Hayley Mulenda. Losing isn’t running a race and falling down; losing is falling down, and refusing to get up again and carry on running! In life we all go through setbacks; not everything is going to go our way, and that’s okay! Let’s deny that life is perfect, and if there’s one thing we all have in common it’s that we all have experience with setbacks, trials, tests, and pain. However, before the testimony comes the test, and before the breakthrough comes the breakdown – a flower cannot grow until the seed has endured soil, and therefore before you can grow you’re going to have to be buried. Before a diamond is formed it has to be put under pressure, so you see, setbacks are not only inevitable but NECESSARY too. A setback is just a setup for a COMEBACK. Sometimes we need the bad results to fix up,…show more content…
What setbacks are you facing right now? How did you get there? What can you learn from this test? TASK Get a piece of paper, split it into two, and on one side write ‘setbacks’ and on the other side write ‘comebacks’. On the setbacks side write down all the setbacks you’ve ever had and on the comebacks side write down how you’re going to recover from that setback and what your comeback is. What did you learn from this chapter? How has it helped you? Why don’t you tell us on social media! DON’T FORGET TO USE THE HASHTAG #ABC2SS - @HaylsMulenda T- TIME Time – A commodity that can never come back, it is measured in minutes, hours, and days. “The trouble is you think you have time” – Buddha. If you focus on a setback for too long, you will end up losing time, and time isn’t something to be wasted! Time is so precious – in fact, it’s the most precious thing you have. Your time is your life, and without time there is no life,
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