Argumentative Essay On Sex

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According to Marilyn Monroe, “We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it's a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.” People now a day do not know the true and important meaning of sex. They see sex only as a pleasure. They do not know the difference between sex with love and without love for many people sex is sex. They interpret sex as the most fun you can do without laughing. We individuals should know the different consequences before doing sex. Based on the article of Brian Thomas, Sex outside of marriage which is known as Fornication is having a devastating effect on the world today. Most people, including Christians, choose to ignore God's instructions concerning this area. A lot of pastors choose to ignore…show more content…
Sex is sacred thing. Sex is sacred simply because it’s part of life. In the Christian view sex must be shown to be deserving of reverence.It is sacred because of its role in accessing peak experiences of love, oneness, and healing. We should respect and value it. Sex is a God’s gift we should be thankful about. We should wait for God’s perfect timing for it. So when we bless, purify, or honor the body as part of a sexual encounter, when we bond more deeply as a result of lovemaking, or when sexual union have us into higher consciousness, we make sex sacred.They should also be informed so that they will know the true purpose of sex when they grow up as adults. In conclusion, sex education should be taught in schools because it is better to consider health than beliefs and we should consider reality. Since immorality cannot be eliminated and teenagers cannot be stopped from becoming sexually active, we should implement sex education in schools, as early as primary school. It also the only savior for children whose parents are always away from them and that is why sex education is needed so that they will not lose track of the right path. Through sex education, students will be able to learn the truth about sex and they will be able to refrain and control
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