Argumentative Essay On Shark Predators

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Sharks have been around for millions of years, which dates far back to the dinosaur age. Sharks however, have been proven to be a countless threat and was perceived to be a very dangerous predator in the eyes of the world and our waters. But do sharks deserve to be labeled if being a predator is their natural behavior. Which ask the question if we should be afraid of Sharks? and if the fear of sharks is reasonable or unreasonable?

Sharks are known for being a dominant predator in the marine life and has been an animal known to be feared, And it does make me believe that the fear of sharks are reasonable. Sharks has been known to attack anything that moves, especially the great white sharks, (naked science, shark attacks. November 29,
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But it does however, give us the 3 main suspects. For the tiger shark, they are known “to have a low metabolic rate and doesn't have to feed very often.” (25:15). But is knowing that, gonna keep you from keeping your guards up when in the water? Probably not. But unfortunately, a young girl named bethany hamilton encountered a tiger shark. It took out a piece of her arm, leaving only the shoulder. But oddly enough, the shark didn’t come back for more. “McCosker believes in most cases, sharks bite first then back off, allowing their prey to bleed to death.” (5:20). This evidence helps explain why the shark didn’t come back for more. But it also shows an example of a tiger sharks hunting strategy, which indicates that this shark was doing more than warning her, but wanted her as its next meal. Concluding that although not all sharks are out to kill humans, doesn’t mean there isn’t, which adds on to my belief that the fear of sharks that humans have are very much

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