The Role Of Shooting Foul In Basketball

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James Harden. He is one of league’s most exciting players, he has a mean euro-step, he can break any players ankle’s and he knows how to get a foul called. In recent years Harden has pushed himself and leaned into defenders to initiate contact and then throw up a random shot to get a shooting foul called. Harden is not the only player to do this; players all across the NBA have been getting fouls called for non illegal contact that they initiate more and more frequently. This increase has stirred up a hot debate in the NBA. The problem with the NBA is Shooting fouls are called way too much. Are the referees doing their job by calling these fouls, are they the problem with the NBA or is this just the evolution of the game? This new type of offense where players try to create intentional contact with the defender makes defence impossible to play. These excessive foul calls prevent the defense from being able to actually play good defense,therefore players have…show more content…
Is something a shooting foul, or is it not a shooting foul? It seems easy to be able to tell the difference, but not many referees are able to see the difference. Every single referee seems to have a different idea on what a shooting foul is. Many NBA experts have seen this, William Rhoden of the New York Times Explains “Most important, each has a philosophy of how the game should be officiated. As if players didn 't have enough to contend with, they have to adjust to officials from night to night”, this constant inconsistency will end up ruining the game and making it hard for all players to be able to play the best basketball. Some people say that with so many officials in the league and how each person is different makes it hard for them all to judge a play the same, however, all of the referees can meet together and decide what is all a foul and what 's not so they can be on the same page so only real fouls are called then causing less fouls to be
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