Argumentative Essay On Sign Language

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Sign language is a course that many schools do not offer as an elective or a foreign language credit. The assistant principal of Seton High School, Susan Hollenbach, explained that many smaller and private schools are not able to offer Sign Language as a course because they are unable to find the staffing and resources for the class. School size and student interest is a big factor in deciding what courses will be created because all the electives and languages are student-driven. This means that if more students show interest in taking ASL courses, it is more possible for it to become a class. Also, the administration has to decide whether or not the certain course will take away from other classes and possibly diminish the class size of another class which…show more content…
Other sources state that there is not a high demand for the use and learning of Sign Language in lots of lower education schools. Michael Johnson, a teaching and learning consultant declares, “You cannot just offer it and there will be a demand for it.” If not many students do not show an interest in the class, there is not a point in offering the class and spending lots of time finding the staffing and resources for the class. Schools are trying to prepare students the best they can for their future, so schools teach the languages that a majority of people are speaking. If more people are speaking a certain language, schools will try to offer that language to prepare the students (Johnson). Although there are several reasons why more schools do not offer it, there are more benefits of learning Sign Language in all levels of
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