Argumentative Essay On Slavery And Reconstruction

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Oftentimes it is wondered what kind of ramifications slavery has had on American politics and our culture today. Even after a century and a half there are arguments and lectures about the lingering impacts American slavery has left on our society. In the eyes of some Americans, slavery and the civil war never ended. Currently slavery and reconstruction is remembered alongside our problems considering race, color, and history. Although there are many views on this topic, each coin has two sides that can be looked at. Americans need to sit down and consider all of the facts on this subject before forming an absolute opinion on the matter.
For most historians, reconstruction has been considered America’s second birth. In his article, “Slavery
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However, in the past few years it has escalated to a point that has made race one of America’s top problems. While most chose not to believe it, there is such a huge split between the blacks and white, rich or poor it does not matter. There is still discrimination, stereotyping, and major degradation to the point of hostility among certain groups. There are some communities where race does not matter and blacks and whites are able to overcome their differences and create a neighborhood of peace. The American complication with race has multiple positions and outlooks. On the one hand, the white community feels in some way that that blacks focus to much on race and not enough energy on fixing relationships and employment status. At the same time the black community hold a belief that race is still of constitutional importance to American society. Just like Fredrick Douglass stated in the last meeting of the American Antislavery Society, slavery never died. “Had slavery’s death come of moral conviction instead of political and military necessity; had it come in obedience to the enlightenment of the American people; had it come at the call of the humanity…of the slaveholder, as well as the rest of our fellow citizens, slavery might be look upon as honestly dead”. (Douglass, 1869) Douglass was right slavery never really died, it lives on in the racism, stereotypes and discrimination of

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